Picking Up the Pieces

Session 5 - Hands of Fate

Why have we been given this mission? I could understand being backup or protection for a diplomatic team. But do we look like messengers? Really? We’re the most disagreeable bunch of recruits in the entire Core only here to avoid wasting away in a prison somewhere. Why has the lives of all of Korunda Gate’s citizens been put in our hands? We’re the one’s that have to fight our way through Khyber, facing gods only know what, to maybe get the help of these stuck up bastards of Kundarakhold. I only hope this hasn’t been a big mistake. Maybe it’s because we’re expendable. Maybe the people in charge already know what is going on. Maybe they’re desiring the downfall of the dwarven people, one of the last stronghold of civilization. Maybe they are already under the influence of the Dark Six and we’re fighting a lost battle. My only hope is that my paranoia is wrong.

Session 4 - The Problem of the Crux

The Rail Operators were crapping their pants on the first leg of our journey. Quite frankly, I don’t blame them. Knowing there’s an army of warforged waiting outside the gates ready to strike and kill everyone you know is something one can deal with. This mission is exactly what has to be done to deal with it. Not even knowing if there is an army of the Creator only knows what out there to devour us whole in the next 30 seconds for the entire trip is something that neither the mind or the soul can really cope with. The worse part of it was that the dangers we ended up facing didn’t come from above or around us, they came from below, and only found us AFTER we had gotten to the Crux.

Fortunately, the brain eaters are not immune to a good solid ass whoopin.

Note to self: My elixer of firebreathing burns just as much coming out the bottom as the top. Much better to use it to roast brain eaters rather than ruining perfectly good plumbing.

Session 3 - The True Enemy

It’s going to take a lot of ale to wash away the fear I still feel from seeing Corbin, the Kalashtar leader of the Emergence, transform into that horrific nightmare creature from the dreaming that was possessing him. Add to that the knowledge that there’s an warforged army of the Lord of Blades outside the gates waiting to get in, and I don’t think I’m ever going to sleep again. I only hope that where we’re going for help isn’t as doomed as Korunda Gate. Well, if I can’t sleep, I’d better start packing for the trip. I just hope Jarrel gives us some good equipment, it’s damn dangerous where we’re going.


Session 2 - Ambush

Our contacts did provide some leads: the summoning scroll indicates there are psionisists involved, the Emergence my be involved. The only down side is that our prying lead to our prey finding out we’re looking for them. They set us up with a group of tieflings waiting in ambush. Of the ones we managed to take down, there was no trace of anything linking them to the emergence, but I still have my suspicions. The sorcerer that was leading the group managed to get away even though we did our best to pursue him. They’ll definitely know we’re after them now. What ARE they up to?

Session 1 - Changlings and Owlbears, oh my

It’s not often that Jarrel himself sends us out on a mission. That was the first bad omen. That the mission was to investigate a possible, and as it turns out quite real, attempt to sabotage all of Korunda Gate, just made things worse. It’s a great acomplishment that we’ve managed to keep the mist as bay this long. Why someone wouldn’t see the merit in that, I don’t know. That such a someone would send only a pair of changlings with an owebear summoning scroll to attempt to take out the entire air circulation system, Korunda Gate’s lifeblood, makes me very suspicious indeed. We’re going to have to get to the bottom of this. Din, or maybe Sun will have some friends who will know something. - Galen, Commander, 5th Core

Session 0

Escape was perhaps ignoble, but survival can and should be paramount when such matters of historical significance are seen by so few.

It has been a decade since the King’s Citadel showed up at my doorstep. I should have pushed them away, but my trade as an artificer was not producing the rewards so clearly merited by my expertise. To use the human colloquial, I was “broke.” How could I turn down the King’s own ransom offered to me?

They asked me to lead them into the Mists in search of the Lord of Blades. They suspected him of attacking my adopted home, Vathirond, and also of attacking New Cyre. My role was to provide a Lightning Rail-car to follow the tracks to Eston. We found our way to the ancient seat of Cannith power with little resistance, and found the Lord of Blades in conspiracy with a human named Daine. Daine attacked us, but we fought him off. We then ran.

Perhaps if we had stayed, and been more courageous we could have prevented Daine and the Lord of Blades from activating whatever Xen’drik artifact they possessed. But how could we have known that the Great Mourning would arise from so small a device?

Ten years have passed. Warforged legions scour the countryside, wielding power not seen before the Last War. Shambles, those husks of sentient beings, search constantly to fill their never-full bellies. Raiders attack what few lights remain in this great darkness. I fear that soon all will be lost. I wonder if my home still stands, or if darkness has found its way even there?

- Brish, Eladrin Artificer

Getting Started... Finally

We’re getting started next week – quite exiting! Players, send me a message and I’ll send back my email. That way you can send me your characters on the character builder and I’ll print them.



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