Picking Up the Pieces

Session 1 - Changlings and Owlbears, oh my

It’s not often that Jarrel himself sends us out on a mission. That was the first bad omen. That the mission was to investigate a possible, and as it turns out quite real, attempt to sabotage all of Korunda Gate, just made things worse. It’s a great acomplishment that we’ve managed to keep the mist as bay this long. Why someone wouldn’t see the merit in that, I don’t know. That such a someone would send only a pair of changlings with an owebear summoning scroll to attempt to take out the entire air circulation system, Korunda Gate’s lifeblood, makes me very suspicious indeed. We’re going to have to get to the bottom of this. Din, or maybe Sun will have some friends who will know something. - Galen, Commander, 5th Core


A 10mBG is up in my character notes. Let me know what you think


very nice! One thing, though – what if one of your goals for Din?


Ahhh, I’ll scheme


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