Picking Up the Pieces

Session 2 - Ambush

Our contacts did provide some leads: the summoning scroll indicates there are psionisists involved, the Emergence my be involved. The only down side is that our prying lead to our prey finding out we’re looking for them. They set us up with a group of tieflings waiting in ambush. Of the ones we managed to take down, there was no trace of anything linking them to the emergence, but I still have my suspicions. The sorcerer that was leading the group managed to get away even though we did our best to pursue him. They’ll definitely know we’re after them now. What ARE they up to?


Excellent! Pick yourself out a lvl 10 item, actually. I just realized that lvl 8 stuff isn’t given out at lvl 8. Go figure. -Vz

Session 2 - Ambush

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