Picking Up the Pieces

Session 4 - The Problem of the Crux

The Rail Operators were crapping their pants on the first leg of our journey. Quite frankly, I don’t blame them. Knowing there’s an army of warforged waiting outside the gates ready to strike and kill everyone you know is something one can deal with. This mission is exactly what has to be done to deal with it. Not even knowing if there is an army of the Creator only knows what out there to devour us whole in the next 30 seconds for the entire trip is something that neither the mind or the soul can really cope with. The worse part of it was that the dangers we ended up facing didn’t come from above or around us, they came from below, and only found us AFTER we had gotten to the Crux.

Fortunately, the brain eaters are not immune to a good solid ass whoopin.

Note to self: My elixer of firebreathing burns just as much coming out the bottom as the top. Much better to use it to roast brain eaters rather than ruining perfectly good plumbing.


Haha, that’s awesome!


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