Picking Up the Pieces

Session 5 - Hands of Fate

Why have we been given this mission? I could understand being backup or protection for a diplomatic team. But do we look like messengers? Really? We’re the most disagreeable bunch of recruits in the entire Core only here to avoid wasting away in a prison somewhere. Why has the lives of all of Korunda Gate’s citizens been put in our hands? We’re the one’s that have to fight our way through Khyber, facing gods only know what, to maybe get the help of these stuck up bastards of Kundarakhold. I only hope this hasn’t been a big mistake. Maybe it’s because we’re expendable. Maybe the people in charge already know what is going on. Maybe they’re desiring the downfall of the dwarven people, one of the last stronghold of civilization. Maybe they are already under the influence of the Dark Six and we’re fighting a lost battle. My only hope is that my paranoia is wrong.


Things are getting settled in a bit here now with the baby. Message me if people want photos of the spawn! :) I did, however, find a perfect character portrait for Galen. Happens to be a photo of a friend of mine. I wish I could have multiple character pics… there are a few more awesome pics I could use… maybe I’ll rotate them occasionally. :)

Session 5 - Hands of Fate

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