Jill of all trades


Din is a changeling bard, blessed by the Traveler itself. She strives every day to live up to the Travelers ideals: introducing a little change and chaos whenever possible – and making sure that it benefits her. Din’s morality is blurry at best, She looks out for herself first and foremost, reasoning that if other people are disadvantaged because of her actions, they should have been smarter. This has made her suspicious and she has very few people she truly trusts. She has a few personas that she uses when visiting different areas, careful to keep different clothes on hand. Din will not reveal her changeling nature unless she absolutely trusts the individual.

On her own as a child in Regalport, Din was already mimicking passersby perfectly; a habit that frequently got her in trouble; but with a razor-sharp mind and a silver tongue she usually slipped right out. From an early age Din worked to hone the melody of magic inside her. As she grew older, Din became bored with the city and she took to wandering. One night on the road she met an old changeling man being harassed by some thugs. Sensing that his safety could be more beneficial to her than the fun of joining in, she assumed a threatening form and scared off the thugs. She and the man traveled together and she learned more about the mysteries of music and magic. Then one day he disappeared, leaving a note saying he’d visit someday and to make use of his gift. From then on, Din found she could easily manipulate the minds and bodies of people with her music. She realized the man must have been the Traveler in disguise. She kept that note with her always.

On the day of the Great Mourning, Din fled to the Mror Holds for safety. She drifted around with less than savory characters before taking on a human disguise and joining the watch for security.


Goals: Din wants to try everything once, she hopes to one day be able to return above ground and experience more of the world.

Din wants to try to find out if the man she met was truly the Traveler and what he would demand in exchange for his gift, because nothing is free.

Secrets: Din is a consummate manipulator and will always try to get the most benefit out of a situation, even if that means that her friends don’t.

While she sleeps, Din sometimes assumes the persona of Ash Blackpaw, a wizened old shifter who hangs around in bars and reminisces about life under the sun. She has no knowledge of this and sometimes wakes up wondering why she tastes alcohol.

People: Mama Cora is an grandmotherly dwarf that was the first one to offer Din a real home since she was a child. On the day of the Mourning, she took Din into her home along with a few other young refugees. Din’s on her own now, but every so often she’ll come back to visit. Mama always has some juicy gossip…and makes a mean pot pie.

Gorek is a half-orc gangster rising in the ranks of the Underground. He met Din shortly after the Mourning while she was in the guise of a dragonborn named Vhaalesh. They became almost partners until Gorek started getting into heavier crimes. They parted ways amicably and still meet for a drink every once in a while.

Lt. Conrad is a young human officer in the watch. He doesn’t trust Din and suspects her of being a changeling. He tries constantly to catch her slipping up, but so far she’s been able to keep everyone fooled.

Memories: Din remembers sitting at the docks every day for weeks waiting for her parents ship to return home. It never did.

She vividly remembers the scramble to safety on the day of the Great Mourning; the frantic crowds were easy to disappear into.

Din bitterly recalls the persecution of another changeling she witnessed. She learned then to always keep her true self hidden.


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