Campaign Setting Information

After the “Last War,” a continent sick of warfare and conquest looked to the remaining governments and the Dragon Marked Houses for the leadership necessary for lasting peace. And for a few brief years, the people of Khorvaire found it.

Individuals determinedly rebuilt the shattered landscape and diplomats worked tirelessly to mend the broken trusts between nations and peoples.

Hopes of a lasting peace came to an abrupt end as thousands witnessed what has become known as the “Great Mourning.” The cause of this second mourning is unclear. Some attribute it to the machinations of the Lord of Blades; others claim that Eberron itself was ripped asunder and Khyber burst forth with malevolent design; still others claim that Xoriat’s mad inhabitants finally found their way to Khorvaire.

Though its cause is uncertain, the Great Mourning’s disastrous consequences are plainly seen – two thirds of those living in Khorvairs interior have died, civilization has largely collapsed, entire regions are uninhabitable and the hopes of all those yet living threatens to die a quiet, whimpering death.

It has been 14 years since the Great Mourning. Few bastions of hope remain. Yours is one of the most secure – the Dwarven city of Korunda Gate. About 300 miles North of Krona Peak (the former capitol of the Mror Holds) Korunda Gate was the ancestral home and primary base of operations for House Kundarak. With the power of the Mark of Warding, House Kundarak’s dwarves were able to seal the city’s massive main gate closed.

One of your earliest memories as a child is the last time you saw sunlight. Your mother was crying silently as she held you. Your father stood by with his jaw clenched tightly, mouthing the word “hurry.” You could see dozens of dwarves evoking the power of their marks, and dozens more straining to close the mighty gates. Through the rapidly narrowing opening you could see the gray tide moving North from what used to be Cyre. It seemed to turn toward you and pick up speed, and you felt panicked and awed at the same time, even though the mist was still hundreds of miles away. As your heart raced and you thought frantically that you and all you that you love would be consumed the gates slammed shut with reassuring finality. You were safe, so long as the gates held.

Campaign Setting Information

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